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Choosing a Painting Company

Below are some Do’s and Don’ts when on the hunt for a professional painting company.

The Dos

  • Make sure they have Insurance.

  • Observe their appearance. Company apparel. Clean. Professional. Their vehicle.

  • Make sure everything is documented. Preferably by email.

  • Make sure you feel Comfortable around them.

  • Watch to see if they are on time.

  • Watch to see if they are taking measurements and notes.

  • Make sure they have an established business. Website. Internet listing.

  • Let them talk first. Observe. Then ask questions. Did they mention their process?

  • Don’t allow them to pressure you into anything.

The Don'ts

  • Do not pay anything upfront.

  • Do not ignore a gut feeling.

  • Do not accept the lowest bid.

  • Do not purchase any paint or materials.

  • Do not let them bully you into a sale.

  • Do not tell them, the cost isn’t an issue.

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