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DIY vs Hiring a Pro – Tools & Equipment

     Like grandpa used to say, “Always use the right tool for the right job”. When you hire a professional painting company, they’re going to have just that. The right tools for every job. But not only will they have the right tools, they’ll have the high-end tool and will achieve a truly professional finish. You could buy a cheap $500 paint sprayer from Home Depot or Lowe’s and tackle those kitchen cabinets yourself. But when you hire a professional painter they’re going to have top of the line sprayers for any particular project. The Difference between a $500 sprayer and a $3000 sprayer is night and day. Then there’s the sprayer tips. There’s a huge difference in a big box $20 tip vs a specialty fine finish tip that will cost $70 to $100 each tip.


     A paint sprayer isn’t the only tool you might need. Let’s look at the tools required to simply prepare the surfaces. A professional is going to have a vast selection of different sander which all do a particular job. When we do cabinets, we use don’t just use one sander. We use orbital sanders, quarter sheet sanders, corner sanders, and a variety of detail sanders. As preparation is the most important part let’s not forget masking tools. A hand masker is a must when doing any kind of painting. A single hand masker can cost anywhere from $40 to $70.


     Other important items are drop cloths, basic hand and power tools, containment/spray booth kits, ladders, scaffolding, roller frames, roller trays, extension poles, ventilation systems, paint brushes and paint cups, power cords, and more.


     So, if you’re thinking about going the DIY route, remember “Always use the right tool for the right job”.

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