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Interior Painting

We spend most of our time in our homes so why settle for old, faded, scuffed up paint? Create a more comfortable feel during the holidays and special occasions.

Interior painting house painter near me.jpg
Interior painting house painter near me.jpg

Know Who’s in Your Home

We won’t sell your job to subcontractors. We hire employees and conduct background checks for your safety. Employees with less than 3 months on payroll will not be on the jobsite without a senior painter.

Products and Materials

As we strive to exceed industry standards we set “contractor grade” products aside. We don’t buy cheap to save a dollar. Better products provide a more durable and longer lasting finish. No cheap paint and no shortcuts with us!


Equipment and Technique

     Anyone can put paint on a wall, but the methods, techniques, and equipment used determine the quality and longevity of the finish. We possess the all the equipment needed to ensure the job is done right ans safely. We have a saying, "Good painters don't use tape, but professionals do". Quality work is all in the preparation.

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