Interior Painting

          We spend a lot of time in our homes with family and friends. So why not bring back that inviting, comfortable feel? Did you know that colors play a significant role in our moods, and behaviors (See more)? So let’s create a soothing and relaxing environment with a simple change of color. Perhaps you’re a home owner seeking to sell. In addition, repainting the interior of your home will greatly increase your chances of closing on a sale. Whatever your scenario, bring your home back to life with Straight Line Painting Co. Lets make it look new again!

No Subcontractors!      We're Not A Franchise!


Know Who’s in Your Home

     When you hire us, you’re hiring a company with employees. That means the workers in your home have been screened and found to be trustworthy to be hired as employees. When you hire a “Contractor”, or a “Franchise” you’ll typically find “Sub-contractors” working in your home. Sub-contractors are an outsourced company hired by a Contractor or Franchise and are not screened and selected as an employee is. This means the Contractor or Franchise, doesn’t even know who’s in your house. When you hire us, we’re the ones that do the work.

Products and Materials

     As we strive to exceed industry standards we set “Contractor Grade” products and materials aside. We don’t buy cheap to save a dollar. This means that the end result will withstand the harsh Texas elements, and the test of time. Know that the money you spend is going towards the end result you’re expecting.


Equipment and Technique

     Anyone can put paint on a wall, but the methods, techniques, and equipment used determines the quality and longevity of the finish. We possess the high-end equipment needed to ensure a long lasting and durable finish. Industry standard Airless spray systems (not DIY sprayers found at Home Depot), proper ascending and descending equipment (for those hard to reach areas), professional grade tools, and a developed and proven process that ensures the quality workmanship and result you’re expecting.

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Interior Preparation

     These are a few of our basic steps for interior preparation. Depending on your homes needs there may be other methods and techniques we implement to properly prepare any surfaces for the top-coat.


     Remove any light dust and debris from surfaces that will be worked on. This does not include the type of thorough cleaning a house cleaner or maid would provide. We do not clean, remove, or sanitize areas with heavy food particles or substances, urine build-up, excrement, or any other build-up of material or substance that would require scrubbing with detergents and disinfectants.



     Fix any ceiling cracks, water damage, holes etc. that would not be considered a defect in the existing materials or a repair to existing ceiling materials. This would include hairline cracks and pin/nail holes.



     Fix any wall cracks, water damage, holes etc. that would not be considered a defect in the existing materials or a repair to existing wall materials. Caulk obvious cracks between walls and trim that can be seen from eye level.



     Fill any divets in eye-level trim if they can hold filler. Sand trim with lighter grit sandpaper to knock off burrs and smooth.

What is Considered a Repair?

Drywall: If drywall, drywall compound, texture, or other drywall materials are needed to fix the area in question then it is considered a drywall repair.

Woodwork (such as trim and door frames): Joint size, or area in question, should not exceed 3/8” wide by 3/8” deep. These are maximum recommended dimensions of typical painter’s caulk used without backer material.