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Interview Questionnaire

Status: Open
Position: All
Date Opened:1/1/2023

Would your last employer say you’re reliable?

Would your last employer say you’re trustworthy?

This job requires frequent lifting of heavy objects up to 51 pounds for extended distances. Will this be an issue for you?

Are you willing to work at heights of up to 30 feet on ladders and scaffolding?

This job will frequently require you to work entire days outside in the sun. Will you be able to efficiently perform work in an outdoor environment?

Do you currently live within 30 miles of Huntsville Tx?

Do you easily get angered?

Have you ever stolen, or taken something that wasn’t yours?

What did you steal/take?

Would other employers consider you to be a strong problem solver?

Have you ever had problems with following directions?

Explain what you think good work ethic is.

Explain how you handle a stressful situation.

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