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Painting Estimate

You’ve called a painting company and have set up a time and day for them to come conduct an estimate. We’re going to share with you a few things to look out for, do’s and don’ts, and why.



1. You called to schedule an estimate.

  • Were they polite and courteous while on the phone?

  • Did you receive some form of appointment confirmation? By text or email?



2. The day of the estimate.

  • Are they on time?

  • Is their vehicle clean, professional, and display their company name/logo?

  • How did they greet you? With your name?

  • Are they wearing professional work attire?

  • Are they taking notes?

  • Are they taking measurements?

  • Are they asking questions?

  • Do you feel comfortable around them?

  • Did they give you an information packet or business card?

  • Did they explain specifics?



3. Receiving the estimate.

  • Did you receive your estimate within 48 hours?

  • Was the estimate professional and detailed?

  • Did the estimate display their company information?

  • Are they asking for money up front? NEVER PAY MONEY UP FRONT!

  • Do they want you to purchase the paint? NEVER PURCHASE PAINT OR MATERIALS!



If you feel like something is not right, then something is probably not right. Paying attention to that gut feeling. It can sometimes save you money and hardship.




If a business is asking for money up front it’s a big red flag. No legitimate business will ever ask you for money up front. Individuals that ask for a payment upfront are not operating a business. They’re “side hustlers” and typically come with a bad set of traits. Paying up front is where nightmares begin.



Here’s why. It’s a sales trick. The estimate without the cost of paint and materials will naturally be lower and more attractive compared to a higher priced estimate that includes paint and materials.

For example:


Estimate #1

Includes paint.

Estimate: $3000.00



Estimate #2

Does not include paint.

Estimate $2700.00

You purchase $600 in paint

Your total cost will be $3300


People do this all the time to win bids. Think of it this way. When you go to a restaurant, do they make you bring your own food? No. When you do to the dentist, do they make you supply your own fillings? No, because that’s not how a legitimate business operates.

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