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Painting Your Own Home

Have you been considering repainting the interior or exterior of your home but haven’t hired anyone because of the cost? Are you thinking about repainting your home by yourself? Well, here’s some food for thought.

Hiring a painting company to repaint your home can be expensive. Mostly due to the price of paint and skilled labor. A gallon of cheap paint can cost you $20 where the highest quality of paint can run you over $100 per gallon. That adds up when you need 20, 30, or 40 gallons to repaint your home. But please, don’t use cheap paint. You’ll regret the decision and end up paying far more having to repair and repaint. Then there’s the cost of other materials which will greatly vary.

It takes a professional skilled painting crew of 2-4 painters 5-7 days to repaint the interior of a medium sized home. What does this mean to you? Provided that you’re not an experience painter, that means it may take you and another person months to completely repaint the interior of your home. That’s with setting quality workmanship aside. Don’t leave your house in disarray for months because your trying to save a little money. It will only lead to much unneeded stress.

Painting is much harder than people think. Believe me, I know. I started my painting business many years ago thinking hey, easy money. But once I got into it, I quickly realized that there’s more to a quality finish than simply rolling paint onto a wall. Getting the fine quality finish you want takes a lot of skill. It takes knowledge of the finer details. The type of paint to use on a certain surface. Wall paint doesn’t go on trim. Ceiling paint doesn’t go on cabinets. The use of primer, something many overlook. (Tip: never use a paint and primer in one in place of primer. In a year you will have major issues.) Properly masking and taping. Degreasing and cleaning surfaces before applying paint. Because if you don’t, you’ll end up having to do it again $$. Removing fixtures. Removing cabinets doors and spraying them. Never roll or brush cabinets, it’s just ugly. I could go on, but I think you may get the point.

So, before you begin your painting project strongly consider hiring a professional painting company. If you decide to go it alone, good luck. Remember to do your research and don’t use cheap materials. If you have any questions about painting shoot us an email. We’ll be glad to help.

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