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Referral Program

Your referrals keep us working! So we want to say thank you!

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Referral Info

Choose One Offer

This offer will be documented and lasts 1 year.

We will email you a confirmation and proof of donation.

Bonus will go to the painters that were assigned to your project. None will go to the owner.

If referral does not result in work for us you'll still get to choose one of the other offers.

Thanks for the help! You'll hear from us soon!

Offers 1,2, and 3 are given after your referral contacts us for an estimate, and after the estimate is conducted. Offer 4 is given if your referral hires us for a job that exceeds $999. If you choose offer 4 and they do not hire us you can choose one of the other offers! Only one offer can be chosen per referral.

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