Position: Painter

Status: Open

Pay: $16-$18

Max Growth Potential: Crew Lead $23-$30 hourly


Experience Required:

Candidate must be knowledgeable and able to utilize all tools and equipment required to complete any task as a painter. This includes the operation and maintenance of airless sprayer systems. Must be efficient at tasks such as sprayer operations, surface preparations, cut-ins, rolling techniques, and minor drywall and siding repair. A painter must not need any guidance or assistance to complete any common task as a residential painter.


Other Info:

Promotions are based on performance evaluations rather than time spent in the position. This leaves your growth potential completely up to you. A suitable person for this position will be someone with adequate problem-solving skills, a strong desire to progress both personally and professionally, the ability to work as a team, someone that maintains a drug free life, and is willing to lean new things.


Job Description:

As a Painter you will be performing tasks such as site preparation, equipment set-up, sanding, scraping old paint, caulking, taping, and masking; painting or staining surfaces; minor drywall, siding, or other repairs. No personal tools or equipment are required for this position.



Must be a U.S citizen

Must have a valid Texas DL or ID

Must have a reliable source of transportation

Must be able to pass a drug test

Must be willing to work outside for extended periods of time

Must be able to pass a background check