Position: Painter Apprentice on the Job Training (OJT)

Status: Open

During OJT: $14 hr.

Max Growth Potential: Crew Lead $25 hourly

Experience Required: None



Upon hire you will enter a 390 hour OJT program designed to teach you the industry basics of residential painting. During OJT you will learn Jobsite Safety, Jobsite Setup and Breakdown, Preparation tasks, methods and techniques, Use of basic tools and equipment, Painting tasks methods and techniques. Before beginning your OJT, you will be evaluated on these tasks. Once you complete the 390 hour OJT program you will be evaluated again to ensure that you obtained the skill and knowledge to progress to a Painter Apprentice.


Job Description

As a Painter Apprentice (OJT) you are in a position of learning and assisting. Promotions are based on performance evaluations rather than time spent in the position. This leaves your growth potential completely up to you. A suitable person for this position will be someone with adequate problem-solving skills, a strong desire to progress both personally and professionally, the ability to work as a team, someone that maintains a drug free life, and overall teachable. As a Painter Apprentice (OJT) you will be assisting the Lead Painter with any tasks necessary. This may include but is not limited to; Preparation and set-up of tools and equipment; Assisting with site preparation such as cleaning, sanding, scraping old paint, caulking, taping, and masking; assisting Painter with painting or staining surfaces; assisting Painter with drywall, siding, or other repairs. No personal tools or equipment are required for OJT.



Must be a U.S citizen

Must have a valid Texas DL or ID

Must have a reliable source of transportation

Must be able to pass a drug test

Must be willing to work outside for extended periods of time

Must be able to pass a background check


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